What a start… our story so far!

Since Christmas our lives have revolved around getting our brand new doggy day care centre dream to a reality. First stop for us was finding the right location. We looked at several locations around Plymouth before deciding on a 236m2 unit in the Believer Industrial Estate on Haxter Close, Roborough. We chose this location due to its great size on the unit, the flexibility of doing what we wanted inside and also the council who own the estate have been very supportive of the idea – something a little trickier with private landlords we found. It is located where Happy Pets will be able to expand its customer base (as well as accommodate for existing areas). It is also located in the best place for some really amazing walks just footsteps away.

We submitted Planning Permission to get Change of Use from a general warehouse to a Sui Generis Doggy Day Care. This was to ensure there wasn’t any objections from neighbouring units/local residents and to make sure the building was fit for purpose. We had our planning permission approved with the conditions of keeping the noise under control and opening hours of 730am – 6pm Monday to Friday & 9am – 3pm on Saturdays and closed on Sundays and Bank Holidays. When a new dog signs up to the centre, we will go through our noise and behaviour polices.

It has then been for us sorting out the aesthetics of the unit and exactly what we want to do with it to make it the best space for your pooches to spend their day. We have brought all sorts! Luxury dog sofas, agility equipment, artificial grass for our chill out zone, oxygenating water bowls and SO much more.

We then decided on price. Since the beginning, Happy Pets has always been about affordability and that is why we decided that a Full Day would cost £16 and a Half Day would cost just £10. This is very good value for money compared to the average price of a Plymouth dog walk. Our half day customers will receive a walk! Pickup and drop-off will also be available to a wide range of customers who will want a full day at the centre.

We recently met with Plymouth City Council’s Licensing team who will grant us our license to become a commercial Doggy Day Care Centre. We spoke about everything we needed to get in order for when we build our centre to ensure it is to their standards. Just before we open they will grant us our license. We will also have our unit checked by an independent vet for peace of mind it really is a safe zone. Our unit will be highly secure and visitors by appointment only. We will have no more than 16 dogs in our centre with the staffing ratios to match – rest assured your pooch will get the quality care we pride ourselves on.

We also met with Michelle and Adrian from K9 Magic Meals and we will be proud to stock the amazing Simpsons Premium.


All dogs will receive at least 1 walk a day (no doubt more depending on what you would prefer and the physical capability of your dog) walked by ourselves in groups of no more than just 4 dogs to a walker – so you can rest assured that your dog really is getting the attention it deserves!

Puppy’s will have a separate section in our centre due to licensing restrictions – but there will be no better way for your pup to spend their day with dogs of a similar age and size! Puppies will be walked relative to their age and size.

A centre of this nature will do wonders for socialisation and will be the ultimate way for your dog/s to spend their day! We are proud to bring our years of experience to a mainly open plan unit built for the comfort, fun and safety for your pooches.

If you would like to learn out more about our new development then feel free to call us anytime on 01752 922016.

Currently awaiting our draft lease – expected opening very early June. We will be holding an open day just before we open for any new customers to come down and have a look at what we’ve been so hard at work at, meet the team and hopefully sign up!

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  1. Tammy says:

    How amazing! We cannot wait to see it. We are super proud of you both and how far you have come since the beginning and we are so happy we have had you guys with hank from the beginning. You are like family to us! Congratulations

    • appyaaron says:

      Hank & Marlie are like family to us too! Thank you for your kind words – we cannot wait for you too see it so excited!

  2. Sue says:

    Gosh this looks amazing and hope Roxy will be able to join you to use these fabulous facilities. You’ve obviously worked very hard and put so much time and effort into the planning which has now paid off, well done to you all. We look forward to the open day!

    • appyaaron says:

      Thank you for your kind words! Of course we would love to have Roxy join us in our new adventures. She’s certainly going to love spending her days here when she comes for her holidays and hopefully her Wednesday’s too. You got that right, it has taken so much planning and getting everything right – even the small things like painting the fencing and sorting chairs for the customers to sit on when they come for their consultation. Thank you very much again and we shall keep you posted about our open day 🙂

  3. Andrea says:

    Well done! I am sure it will be amazing. Good luck! I expect Filipe will give it his bark of approval when he comes to stay with you on his summer holiday

  4. K9 Magic Meals would like to wish you every success. We are delighted to be supplying your Simpsons Premium Dog food to you. With 15 different dry varieties and 10 wet there will be something suitable for every delightful dog that passes through your doors.
    The thought and detail that has gone into your Doggy Day Care is second to none. Highly professional. They truly will be Happy Pets. Well done Aaron.

  5. Rachel says:

    Well done both of you. I wish you well in your new premises. Looks amazing x

  6. Tami says:

    Wow, this looks fantastic! It’s clear to see how much you care for the dogs. I’ll definitely be booking Bramble in on occasion. In the meantime she’ll continue to enjoy her walks with you.
    Good luck to you both, can’t wait to visit!

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