Stress Free Way Of Trimming Your Dogs Nails

The most common reasons for avoiding nail trims are that the owner is afraid of “quicking” the dog, or that the dog fusses and creates a bad experience around the procedure. Very active dogs who run all day long on varied surfaces, cutting nails may not be necessary. High mileage wears them down naturally, however those dogs who don’t get as much exercise as they may like, excessively long toenails are more common than not.

Why is it important to keep those nails trimmed?

The first consequence of long toenails is painful feet. When a dog’s toenails contact hard ground, the hard surface pushes the nail back up into the nail bed. This either puts pressure on all the toe joints or forces the toe to twist to the side. Either way, those toes become very sore, even arthritic. When the slightest touch is painful to your dog, he/she will fuss when you pick up his paw to cut nails.

How to trim the nails?

Be sure to use only scissor type clippers – guillotine style crush the toe. It’s important that the clippers are small which gives you more control. Ones we recommend are below.

Handling your dogs paw is something you don’t normally do – however we recommend you do (and I am sure groomers will have said this to you previously!). Handle your dogs paw frequently and introduce the clippers slowly – you might want to think about praising with treats when all is going well.

Hold your dogs paw firmly but gently. Cut the nail below the ‘quick’ at a 45 degree angle, only taking off a small amount at a time. Some clippers come with a guide, you can use this as a reference of how far to cut.

Trim only until you see the white inside the nail with a small dot of black in the centre.

Keep cornflower handy, if you do cut a little close and it starts to bleed, put a pinch of cornflour at the end to stop the bleeding. You may want to quickly reward if you do this to try and make the experience a little more enjoyable!


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