GPS Dog Tracker & Activity Monitor

The revolutionary GPS Tracker puts your mind at rest when you think you’ve lost your pet by sending you their exact location, and directions on how to reach them, on your smartphone. You can even specify Safe Zones for those endless wanderers and receive app alerts if they stray outside the Zone. More than just a tracker, the device monitors your pet’s daily activity and sends you tips on their wellbeing too. So if you’ve got a dog who doesn’t come running when you call or has escaped – this device will find them for you.

Cleverly you can set how often your pets location is sent to your app – from hourly to daily, this saves crucial battery life which can last up to 10 days on a low upload setting. This can be changed at anytime or the ‘Live Tracking’ feature can be activated so you can see your dogs location in real time. Using the strong Velcro strap provided, attach it to your dogs collar or harness.

🐾 It allows you to change the frequency the dogs location is uploaded to the app – extending battery life to weeks and not days
🐾 Should the worst happen, you can activate a ‘real time live tracking’ feature and the app will navigate you right to their location
🐾 It uses the Vodafone network which is the best network for rural areas and has 99% UK coverage.
🐾 Waterproof and shock-proof
🐾 Keeps a history of your dogs movements
🐾 Draw a virtual fence and get notified if your dog leaves that area
🐾 Accessible via a website, iPhone or Android app
🐾 Made of steel and extra grip Velcro
🐾 Activity Monitoring
🐾 Tried and tested by us


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