Can I just pop down to the centre for a chat?

I’m afraid not – we are appointment only due to the nature of our work (we may be out on walks etc). Please contact us to book your appointment and we will get you booked in as soon as we have available.

How many dogs will be in a pack when out for walks?

Just a maximum of 4 dogs to a walker!

What age can my doggy start with you?

Puppies can come to the centre from a minimum of 4 months old. Puppies have their own pen and are only around / socialised with dog/s of a very similar age. They will be walked in conjunction with their age and breed.

I want to use you now and again, can you help?

Absolutely! We are happy to assist you now and again providing we have the availability. We do charge slightly more for any dogs that aren’t booked in with us on a regular basis (minimum of once a week).

Are you insured, licensed and vet checked?

Yes we are insured by Pet Business Insurance for all services we offer as well as fully licensed and regulated by Plymouth City Council (License Number A044). We are also approved by an independent vet.

I want my dog to join! Where do I go from here?

Well why wouldn’t you! Have a read through our services page. Give us a call and we will arrange for you to pop down and meet us, see our facilities and get a trial day booked in the diary. Yipee!

I want my dog/s to join you every work day – can you offer me a discount?

I’m afraid we cannot offer any discounts as we are already very affordable.

How do you and when do you like payment?

We require payment on a weekly basis paid via bank transfer. Other methods can be accepted if required.

What do you need from me and my dog?

We need your dog to be friendly and social towards people and other dogs. We require all vaccinations, flea and worming treatments to be kept up to date and we will need proof upon initial consultation.

Males are required to be neutered from 6 months old. You may have been told by your breeder about neutering at a older age. We are bound by the conditions on our licensing and this is one of the conditions. Your vet will advise you that they can be neutered safely with very little effect at 6 months (some even now do it from 3 months!). Please speak with your vet if you have any concerns. This is not a rule set by us, instead the council.

My bitch has just come into season – can she still come into the centre?

No, although all the males are neutered, it can disrupt the pack.

Is it like kennels?

Far from it! Our Doggy Day Care Centre is completely open plan, with a chill out section and a puppy section. No crates or kennels. No more than 8 dogs to a single section at any one time.

I want my dog to join and i’m not able to get to the centre and you don’t cover my area for pickup/dropoff – can you help?

By all means please get in touch and we will do all we can to help.

My dog can be quite naughty and sometimes play up is this allowed?

Of course! Many owners notice an improvement in behaviour after joining the center / being on our group walks.

I’m going on holiday – can you help?

Unfortunately we do not offer any care overnight at the centre.