Happy Pets Doggy Day Care has been offering first-class professional doggy day care & puppy care in our purpose built fun and safe centre since 2013. There is also an on-site dog store providing the very best natural dog treats, foods, toys and accessories. Additional services include a dog taxi service to and from day care, please speak to us for a quote as this will depend on your area. You will also find our popular and highly recommended professional dog grooming salon on-site, for all your dog grooming needs.



Full day £20


Half Day (5 hours or less) £15


We are open at 7.30am to 5:30pm Monday to Friday.


About Doggy Day Care

Dogs can become bored, lonely, destructive and suffer from separation anxiety when left home alone. Doggy Day Care at Happy Pets is the perfect solution! All of the dogs get a minimum of an hours walk in the morning and afternoon and when we’re not out walking, we provide plenty of fun stimulation in our indoor safe, purpose built centre for giving your dog a happy and fulfilling day while you cannot be there.


On the first few sessions, your dog/s will be introduced carefully and patiently to a range of other dogs. We take time to build up your dog’s confidence, making sure he/she feels comfortable at all times.


Your dog will be able to play and socialise for the duration of his/her time with us. We don’t confine ANY dog and ensure they all receive an appropriate amount of exercise, socialisation and stimulation. We have so much to do and play with inside our centre whilst under the supervision of our trained and qualified staff.


We also offer a pickup and drop-off service, be sure to contact us for a price as this will depend on location.

We are fully insured and licensed by Plymouth City Council and have achieved the highest possible star rating.


If your dog does not get along with other dogs, please speak to the behaviour team as with the proper training most dogs can overcome this problem and hopefully work with getting him/her into our doggy day care.


About Our Grooming Services

 Here at Happy Pets we are a one on one groomer in a quiet and calm salon. This means that there will be no other dogs or people in the salon whilst your pooch is being pampered. By doing this it means that we can spend all of our time focusing on your fur baby and there will be no distractions for him or her. We understand how much you love your pet, and we will treat them as if they are our own, their welfare will always be our main priority. We don’t rush any dog, so if for whatever reason your dog may take longer, for example if they’re nervous and we need to go slow, we can absolutely cater to this to ensure the welfare of your dog. has only ever received 5* reviews, please feel free to check out some of her reviews on our Facebook page!
We offer a wide range of grooming services. From a simple bath, brush and blow dry, to a full groom. We also offer extra packages such as a deshedding treatment and spa packages. We cater for all breeds, tiny to giant and we also cater to all behaviour types. 
Full groom:
A full groom consists of a bath, blueberry facial massage, brush, blow dry, nail clip, ear clean and whatever clipping/scissoring you would like and will be finished with a spray of doggy perfume. We can do all breed standard trims as well as pet trims. Full grooms start from £40 and take around 2 hours, dependant on breed.
Puppy pamper:
We have introduced this package as we know the importance of getting a new puppy used to all of the sensations of a grooming environment. We will spend 10 minutes playing with and cuddling your puppy before beginning the grooming session, so that they are calm and relaxed. This packages includes a bath, brush, blow dry, nail clip, face/feet/bottom trim and a spray of doggy perfume. Your puppy will also get a FREE bandana. Please note this package does not include a full haircut. The puppy pamper is perfect for puppies from 2 weeks after their last vaccinations, to 6 months old. This is £30 and we allow up to 90 minutes as some puppies we will work slower on in they are unsure. 
Bath, Brush and Blow dry:
This is perfect for your pooch if you want to give them a pamper or to help maintain their hair between haircuts. As it says on the tin this is a bath, brush and comb through to ensure your pooch is knot-free, blow dry and a spray of doggy perfume. This is suitable for all breeds, however some breeds such as husky’s and malamutes may also require a deshedding treatment on top of this. The price for this starts from £20 and usually takes an hour, dependant on breed.
Nail trim: we can do nail trims on any breed with any behaviour type, this starts from £5. 
Additional packages:
Deshedding package – this is perfect if your pooch sheds a lot and you’re fed up of finding hair around your house! This package is designed to drastically help reduce shedding, it consists of a pre groom brush with a specialist deshedding tool, a specialist shampoo and conditioner to help lift the dead undercoat, a massage in the bath to help lift the dead coat, a blast out with a high velocity dryer and is finished with another thorough brush and comb through with a deshedding tool and wide toothed comb. This is £8 on top of a full groom or bath, brush and blow dry. 
Relevant trimming – perfect for in between grooms, we can tidy up a small section of your dog such as a face trim or a feet trim after their bath, brush and blow dry. Please note this is not a full body haircut. This starts from £5 additional to the bath, brush and blow dry. 
Teeth cleaning – we offer teeth cleaning service with a toothpaste and toothbrush suitable for dogs and we finish with a doggy fresh breath spray. This is £5 additional to any groom and may not be suitable for all behaviour types. 
Conditioning treatment – a deep conditioning treatment with a tropical scented doggy conditioner whilst in the bath and also a coat conditioner applied to a dry coat once the groom is finished. This is perfect to help add moisture and health back to your pooches coat, leaving it feeling healthy and soft! This is £5 additional to a groom. 
Promotional upgrades; we offer promotional upgrades all year such as spring, summer and Christmas upgrades. Please message us to find out what promotion we are currently running. 
Please note that all prices and times are subject to change based on coat condition and behaviour.
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Samantha Averill: Huge congratulations on the award and very well deserved, our dog Scout feels it is her second home as she is so well looked after by Barbara and her kind and lovely team.

Sue Watchman: Yay! This award is well deserved!! Congratulations xx

Lisa V: Really impressed, brought my baby for his first day the staff were all so accommodating and friendly. Was sent regular pics and videos throughout the day to reassure me he was ok and he loved his first day playing with the other dogs. Glad I found this place!

Sophie Ali: Very good little daycare for my dog. I love that they split the dogs up so I know mine is with other dogs her own size and I know she loves it there as she gets very excited getting dropped in the morning.
Highly rated for your dog, whatever it's size.

Martyn Harvey: No better place for dogs! All of the staff really care and put their all into looking after the dogs, it’s very clear how much they love them. You also couldn’t get a better groomer, produces amazing grooms and I would never ever go anywhere else. Would give 6 stars if I could

Alan Mckeever: Fantastic deshed of my husky x. Would highly recommend and Jackson smelled and looked lovely after it was finished.

Mandy Deane: Absolutely 5* service. Took Dave for his first groom here today, what can I say, the lady who groomed him ( I didn't get her name) was fantastic with him. I was offered to stay and said yes as it was new people/environment to Dave. I felt relaxed knowing that Dave was relaxed and in great hands. The way she spoke to Dave was absolutely brilliant. She was calm all the time, never once raised her voice to him. I would definitely recommend this place. They clearly love dogs. Dave is looking as handsome as ever. Thankyou!

Lulu Bunch: Alicia has been grooming Miller every 4/6 weeks for over a year now. She is absolutely wonderful and not only does Alicia do a great groom on Miller, you can tell she very fond of him, as he is of her. Wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else. Can’t recommend highly enough

Katy Tapson: Tinks been for a couple of day sessions while we were between houses, she has come home absolutely shattered and so happy!! It’s great to see pictures of her from during her day!! All the staff I have met dropping Tink off and picking her up have been lovely and you can tell they really love and care about all the dogs! Highly recommend!!

Chloe Matchett: Bella and Bear have been going to day care for a couple months now and they love it! Not only has it improved their socialisation, it has also helped with training! Absolutely love seeing the pictures of each day they go and it looks like they have tons of fun! Pick up and drop off service is also an added bonus!! Would highly recommend; great value for money, reliable and a great team! Thank you so much!

Paul Miller: Arthur nearly slept for two days money well spent. never known him to be so quiet He got up with me after the first day he must have thought he was going back the next day whinged at the door for a while . I laughed at chloe when she said that she takes her dogs to doggy day care but what a good idea

Nannie Bee: 5 Stars. Bailey can't wait to go to "school" as we call it twice a week and is really happy and tired when he comes home. I have only met one member of staff and she is amazing. I am sure the others are too. I am so glad I managed to get Bailey in. I feel they really care about the dogs in their care.

Andrea Gibson: I’m so glad we have found you! When I collect Polly after a play session, she is buzzing and has obviously had a whale of a time. Then she gets home and..........zzzzzzzzzzSo good for her socialisation skills too. I’ve recommended you to all my dog owner friends.

Sarah Horswell: Barney has been going daycare for nearly a month and they appreciate my shift work with my partners full time job so sometimes he's there lots, other times not for a while but I love that this is ok. He always comes home absolutely knackered, we love seeing posts of him in the day which is so reassuring to know he's a happy doggy. And now we want to go to some graduation celebrations next week and they are happy to have him overnight, so mum and dad can stay out for the evening. Would be genuinely lost without happy pets and I think Barney would be too xxx




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